Rays of Hope 2017

The Theulen-Gage Brigade

The Rays of Hope is very special to us. Both of our mother’s have battled breast cancer, although in different times of our lives, we proudly stand together to continue to fight to find a cure to this horrible disease. It is heartwarming to see thousands of people in the local community coming together to fight and support our loved ones through this constant battle. Throughout high school and college we have remained close friends, and now both families have decided to team up for the Rays of Hope after Brittany’s mother was diagnosed this past year. We are both very proud and incredibly thankful to be able to say that both of our mothers are breast cancer survivors. We are walking in this walk to raise money to help breast cancer patients, their families, and to put an end to this disease once and for all. We have seen first hand how breast cancer can affect families and the devastation it causes. So please join us in this fight by donating to our team so no family has to go through what we have been through. Thank you.. Pink Power!!!!!!!!!!


Brittany Gage and Jessie Theulen 

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